The beautiful region of Axarquía, the area east of Málaga city, is not very well known among tourists.

In the sub-tropical climate of the Axarquía almost anything will grow: there are groves of avocado, citrus, pomegranate, mangoes, custard apple and sugar-cane. Nearly all the villages that dot the olive-, almond- and vine-planted hillsides, similarly reflect Muslim roots through their web of whitewashed, narrow streets, ancient archways, patios and wells.

The villages of the Axarquía seem almost luminescent against the dark backdrop of the Sierra Tejeda mountains. In the foreground there are brush-strokes of colour – red poppies, yellow mimosa, wild orchids – contrasted by the cool green of olive groves. And, if this isn’t enough to stimulate the senses, there is the natural potpourri of fragrances: pine, wild thyme, rosemary, lavender and a profusion of other herbs.

This mountain range is also home to possibly the most beautiful Natural Park this side of Málaga, the Sierra Almijara Wildlife Reserve with its impressive bird and animal life, including eagles, vultures, bee-eaters, badgers and endemic curly-horned goats.

The Axarquía is very popular with walkers. Most of the region’s walks follow dirt tracks created by the local Forestry Commission. There are also narrow, well-marked footpaths; you can pick up leaflets and maps from the local tourist offices.

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