At Christmas time the Old Town of Malaga City takes on a whole new charm and atmosphere as it is bathed in some of the prettiest festive lights in Spain. From the very first days of December, the streets and main squares of Malaga become filled with light and colour. A spectacular Christmas decoration that invites one to have a stroll at night.

A lot of activities take place on these dates. The “Malagueños” love to walk around the narrow streets, stopping off here and there to enjoy a tapa with a glass of “fino” in the many bars and bodegas that are dotted around the cobbled streets.

You can also choose from many shopping areas. There are numerous stalls along the Park on these special dates. And the commercial centres, department stores, with the numerous stores surrounding them and, it goes without saying, the entire historical centre will be able to offer you what you are looking for.

Come around and spend some days in Málaga city in this season of the year, you’ll enjoy it. And if you’re strolling about, don’t be surprised if you find some people sunbathing. It is possible to sunbathe in Malaga in its splendid month of December!